Johanna Ivrea Presents The Armor

Johanna Invrea is an amazing multi disciplinary artist. From sculptures, degenerative graphics, fashion and video, Invrea can do it all. Hailing from Italy, she was one of Sermon 3 ‘s earliest underground, brilliantly hiding-in-plain-sight-artists we’d ever discovered. Having done the video for The 83rd Teg Me/001, It was evident Invrea was on her own time.

Since then. the rest of the world has caught on to her brilliance, having done work for fashion weeks, festivals and different residencies year after after.

Her latest work The armor is an amazing ceramic, copper glaze armor of mobile art.

Johanna Invrea’s The armor, cover photo by Francesca Ferrari

We caught up w Johanna to learn a little more about her prospective with her latest trailblazing work.

S3R: Tell us a little bit about where you’re coming from with your latest work, The armor.

Johanna Invrea: I started thinking about The armor about four years ago, while I was imagining how glorious it would be to be one of the Amazons, Vikings.
I felt my body invincible and I was surprised when it wasn’t as agile as I thought.
At that time, I had started shooting a film, wandering Italy in search of dreamlike and
transcendental places. I traveled through the caves, the chthonic spaces, the levels of the seas
and volcanoes, looking for a Dantesque drift of geological and mental strata.
I went through many states; first of all that of fatigue. It was essential that I experience it to reach an almost eschatological sense and a cinematic truth.
The armor weighs around 25 kg, which is what warriors wore in medieval era. I wore it a few times, invoking the spirit of the ancient warriors, experiencing
the limitations it imposed on my not so strong physicality, in the end, walking a few meters, becoming an absurd and glorious body. 
My vision is to continue this project by evolving the initial concept, towards lightness! I will use
porcelain parts and the bucchero technique, without the aid of glazes, in a single firing,
transforming the Golem into a feral self-supporting structure. Subsequently I would like to
incorporate The armor in a video installation, bringing the work to a further visionary, as a transliteration of
language, from sculptural to virtual, a theme that is very dear to me.

Fall into all things Johanna Invrea at http://johannainvrea.com/

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