Yves Tumor – Licking An Orchid (ft. James K) Official Video Is Fireee

Yves Tumor – Licking An Orchid (ft. James K) is a dope ass song and music video. Yea I said it, that shit STUPID DOPE. Really dig their hooks, the stacked harmonies, and the acoustic indie rock feel of that track. James K’s part is littttyyy too, actually its a personal fav. Their head voice is like peppermint clouds stuck in a pool of butter aka luscious.

Coming right back to Yves hook following, I love the arrangement of the record.

And the video? Okayyyy….
Director – Daniel Sannwald
Production Company – Pulse Films
Producer – Khuram Mirza
Exec Producer – Rik Green
DOP – Nicolai Niermann
Focus Puller – Michael Hannides
Gaffer – Peter Bishop
Movement Director – Michael Harper
Hair & Make-Up – Isamaya Ffrench
Editor – Paco Raterta
Grade – Studio Private
VFX/Post Production – Sucuk & Bratwurst & Studio Private
Additional James K Footage – Will Rahilly
Cast – Femi Akinade, Marie Mersh, Samantha Jones, Silverio Lopas

we see y’all. 😉 Love how James is in the pupil of Yves eyes and warping and fetal Yves baby’s rotating on shoulders. Thats sick. Also the dynamic noise section at the end, that shit is beautiful. Thank y’all for your art.

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