Sermon 3’s Monthly Mix Series WITNESS is Back: This time with São Paulo, Brazil’s underground experimental artist, Pujollll.

Pujollll is a defiantly creative, transmasc, multidisciplinary-electronic artist. Their Bye Bye video by #LIMITROFETELEVISION originally caught our attention. It has all the brilliancy and subtly you can’t teach, just meant to enjoy. Check it out below.

Since then, they’ve dropped Fumaça pra Jesus and teased Anjos, the intro to their new EP slated to drop later this year. Check out Anjos:

Now they’re back again, this time teaming up with S3R to be part of WITNESS, our monthly mix series that features black, latin and hardcore, club & rave sets.

Check out WITNESS audio on Soundcloud:

But they didn’t stop there. They also teamed up with fellow Brazilian video artist GONDRIS CAVEL to create a live visual set for their mix. That’s right…. WITNESS with yo eyes the greatness that is Pujollll and GONDRIS CAVEL below.

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