WITNESS Kai The Black Angel

Sermon 3 Recordings is too excited to officially announce our new monthly mix series, WITNESS. WITNESS features hyper-creative artists, producers and DJ’s who bring a furios mix of black, latin, and hardcore energy to club and rave dance floors.

Officially kicking off WITNESS is NYC underground DJ prodigy, Kai The Black Angel.

Kai is known to set off underground raves like no other. Unapologetically black records rooted in Baltimore, Jersey club and Chicago Juke, mixed alongside ballroom and techno, seamlessly find their way in and out of each each other during Kai’s sets. The Black Angel represents an intersection, that has always been a parallel. Black community and queer communities, NYC’s youth, all in the same, finding common ground in unshakable resilience and triumph thru expression, rising again and again in sonic and visual mediums, weaponized to heal, communicate and thrive.

Originally from Philly, Kai moved to NYC for college. Like-minds find each other, and that’s exactly what happened with Kai, naturally connecting with underground multi-disciplinary artists from across New York’s five boroughs. Those natural bonds have created dynamic DIY parties, radio shows, fashion events and necessarily-raw and innovative artistic live expressions that Kai has been the center of, permeating New York and other cities afar.

It’s that limitless mutant energy wielded by Kai The Black Angel that created his inaugural mix for Sermon 3’s WITNESS. Ascending in dynamic, Kai’s WITNESS mix is a spiral of a ride, ready to transport you to sweaty club nights regardless of wherever you are at the moment.

We got up with Kai to go behind his mix, and dig deeper into the mind of the Black Angel. Peep Below.


Sermon 3 Recordings: You’re the first mutant to set off WITNESS. We specifically asked you because of your intersectionality and the energy you bring, bleeding black music, forward thinking club edits and setting off underground queer nightlife spaces with that unapologetic energy. Tell us a bit about your inspirations in club music and culture, what you got started, what inspirations are you coming from?

Kai The Black Angel: In regards to club music, I play what I know. Baltimore Club Music (party music) and Jersey Club  Music is from my childhood. My mom would throw block parties and we would be Wu-Tangin in the street, battling for money. I wasn’t really exposed to many things as a child, as  far as the alternative. So I feel like there’s always been this exploration of the other, identity and sexulaity in what I do. Music was accessible, sounds were everywhere. My community, whether Ballroom or Nightlife, the people inspire me, showing out for them.

S3R: What gets you going now? What peaks Kai The Black Angel’s currently interests?

Kai: Music wise, I’m really getting into Juke music which originated in Chicago and natural sounds. I love tracks with  a heavy bass. Also, juxtaposing scenarios, distorted sounds, etc. In regards to other mediums I’m really into Phillip hale (Figurative Painter). Things that seem unworldly. I’ve mentioned this before but I pick up and drop mediums.  I’ve been really focusing on visual arts, refining my visual eye. 

S3R: What was the heart/creative energy behind this WITNESS mix?

Kai: Honestly, I just got me some XDJ’s and this was the first mix I recorded on them. I was having fun with it. At the same time, this sort of felt like a progress point. Like a check in, you know? I’m working on stuff outside of music. 

S3R: Can you peel back the layers behind your production techniques in WITNESS?

Kai: I used my XDJ’s, I did this time however for the first time, try to master my mix.

S3R: Can you talk a bit about your involvement in NYC nightlife and the underground club and rave community? What’s your thoughts on where NYC’s youth and artists are as a real community, and how can we grow in times like the COVID pandemic?

Kai: You know, I’m a DJ. I provide the music, setting the tone for the function. I love NYC youth and  artists. I say all the time, I’m so into this generational wave, I’m noticing people older than me, you know move up in their lives and my generation is next to do  great things and I see the ones coming up. I’m happy to have been a part of something this powerful, I love my community’s longevity. In these times, I feel that it’s important to stay connected, human interaction is important. I love that the internet is being put to better use, like with the web chats and virtual parties. Also personal growth is important as well, people should also take this time to work on yourself and your craft. 

WITNESS Kai The Black Angel:

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