100 Songs/Mixes To Bring You Into The New Decade


Things are changing, lines are being blurred, artists are gaining more say-so in the process of creating and releasing their art. And the train is only picking up more passengers. No where is this sense of independent thought and creativity more prevalent than in underground networks of music, art and culture.

Major cities like New York, LA, Miami, Houston and Berlin are hubs for underground communities who know no limits with their sonic expressions. Though there’s more than we could possibly keep up with, we’ve done our best to bring an intersectional diaspora of songs together for TE$TIFY 2019 that relentlessly move the dance floor, the pit and the imagination forward. We’ve gathered 100 records and mixes from across the globe that are filled with unrelenting energy and music innovation. The root of pop culture starts here, and these records deserve their due in culture shifting the creative tides beneath your feet.

TE$TIFY kicks off with little known but highly impactful DJ Bakunawa, (cover photo by Ariana Pearl), who’s Real Unhinged Hot Girl Shit Mix low key is one of the most fire mixes of the year, putting everyone who listens on to nonstop bounce on the dance floor. Combining R&B faves with baile funk, half time electronics, sped up vocals, RUHGS mix is a torpedo dropped in 2019 you need to know.

Moving into demented and heavier cuts from artists like Prison Religion, The Virus & Antidote, MURDERPACT, Machine Girl and Show Me The Body, locked grids are dismissed for experimentation, counter rhythms and blown out soul.

Underground staples Kelela & Bok Bok’s 2017 Dub Apart EP share playlist space next to NYC ballroom legend Byrell The Great, whose On Me Bootleg is just plain gold in a healthy jersey club set.

From Lucki, Lou Kessler, The 83rd and BOOTYCHAAAIN, to Fractal Fantasy, Ic3peak, Bunny Michael and G.L.O.S.S., the bevy of intersectional, innovative expression does not stop. The amount of mutants with no regard to staying in any sort of lines and boxes you want to keep them in sonically is only growing. We for one welcome the growth into the new decade.

Peep the full TE$TIFY 2019 End To The Decade RT Playlist below.

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