Vaccine Whistleblower, Brandy Vaughan, Found Dead

Vaccine whistleblower, Brandy Vaughan, was found dead last week, killed in her home.

Brandy Vaughan, 47, was initially a pharmaceutical employee who sold Vioxx, a painkiller medication sold by the company Merck. It eventually came to light that Vioxx was found to double the risk of stroke and heart attacks in people.

The company Merck, knowingly continued to distribute the painkillers, knowing its prospective dangers. The medical journal Lancet estimates that 88,000 Americans had heart attacks from taking Vioxx, and 38,000 of them died. Merck, eventually had to settle the biggest pharma lawsuit in history, to the tune of 4.85 billion dollars to thousands of people.

After the Pharmaceutical industry’s methodic profit-over-people campaign was realized, the Merck employee quit. She left the country, going to Europe saying, “I realized that just because something is on the market doesn’t mean it’s safe. Much of what we are told by the healthcare industry just simply isn’t the truth.”

To fight back, she started a non profit, Learn the Risk, to expose the dangers of the Pharmaceutical drug industry, including vaccines and unnecessary medical treatments that have caused illness and death in countless people outside the Merck trials. She instead dedicated her life to giving people natural, safe, holistic healing options.

Brandy was on a mission, and doing damage.

Learn The Risk had created over forty educational events and rallies in three years.

LTR’s monthly website traffic was at 10,000+.

And the organization had created over 42 billboards with an estimated reach of over 30 million people.

But she knew she was in danger after she returned to the United States with her then 6-month-old son and started receiving a multitude of death threats.

It got so bad, she recorded a 12 minute video detailing the home invasions and intimidation she was enduring, so that everyone could be aware of the pressure and danger she was in.

But the harassment didn’t stop, so she went on Facebook to write a public statement, detailing how if she’s been killed, to know it’s been done by the Pharmaceutical drug industry. 

And just as she predicted, tragedy soon struck. On December 7th, 2020, Brandy Vaughan was found dead by her 9-year-old son Bastien.

Anyone that’s stood up against government profit knows how real surveillance, intimidation, imprisonment and death is to those that challenge the system.

You can support her son here, and continue her legacy and help others heal through natural options by sharing this article.

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  1. If this can happen to someone trying to tell the truth to the people where is this world this is the worst thing no wonder we can’t trust anyone in the world that we the people think we can trust no a little boy has no mom!!!????

    1. I can’t find further news about the investigation for some very strange reason…

        1. I know exactly how Brandy Vaughan feels! I have a case with a Mr. Murcia 94-year-senior that has been stripped of all his properties 64 apartments all his bank accounts then falsely labeled him a ping Person in need of a guardian to strip off everything in the 📍Bronx Supreme Court By Judge Andrew Cohen, Philip a Solomon, ESQ Article 81 counsel was appointed by Judge howard on February 2, 2020 Just to sell the property 1101 Virginia Ave. In order to strip him legally, they are a legal mafia working inside the judicial system that’s supposed to be justice for all that’s a joke..

          It all stems from HPD, NYC finance department, NYPD, comptroller’s office, Bronx Supreme Court, This falls under the RICO Act 109 Violation. I have reached out to all the elected officials in the Bronx NYC and the mayor de Blasio sent me to the Bronx Legal Aid. Instead of the Bar Association pro bono division because there’s 11 Judges, nine Lawyers and all of the above and all the elected officials the turning a blind eye, so I know exactly how she felt, because I’m going through it right now…

          I cannot even get a lawyer to take this case I’m pro bono, because the old man does not have any funds… The cobras have to cover 3.82 million dollars That was taken under Mr. Murcia’s name he was not supposed to live up to 94 years old. This has been ongoing for 17 years and finally they sold his last property which was his home of 37 years on June 26, 2021.

          And he’s being threatened, intimidated mentally abuse, The mafia has not been able to throw him into a nursing home because I’m involved I am a community advocate and I have networked everywhere to document what’s going on and I have called the police 11/15/21 they do not want to take information or make a report… The culprit wants to give him a heart attack so it can look like it was a natural cause but they are trying to frighten him into a heart attack you to his age and not have family to protect him.

          I have sent it out to Washington DC, Federal Criminal Division, because the funds came out of the federal project loan 8-A department so it should be a federal offense.

          Have you ever seen some movie I care along part 1 my case is part two to that movie it’s really a shame and it only indicates that this has been ongoing for years violating the citizens will under the judicial system that’s supposed to be protecting the rights of the people⚖️⚖️⚖️🙏🏼

      1. The investigation said “natural causes” causes her death. Which sounds like a threat in that. Sad and scary. I guess this is why so many politicians cave. If they can’t be bought then they are threatened.

  2. most people do everything for money,killing is there daily bread I am blown away that the police department has the balls to say it’s natural cause,that is total horse shit

    1. Omg telling the truth his about the cover up of this society put anyone life at risk

  3. She needed A big mean trained dog that went every place she did. Plus a gun.

    1. This is scarey as can be. I was called yesterday to get vaccine…..I said No! There are way too many unknowns. My body my choice!! They sure are pushing it. That is scarey part!

    2. Dog need not be mean or big, just alert to strangers and LOUD. Gun, yes, but with proper training. A gun you dont know how to use properly is worse than none at all. Better to have a baseball bat and some barbed wire. 😉

  4. This world is full of evil driven by financial gain. This is so sad, I hope they find who did this and they spendthe test of their lives I prison, hell is gonna be so full

  5. So what’s happening with an investigation into Merck? Is there one? Why are they getting away with this? That poor child left without a mother

  6. I would look into the “security” company, they would be the only ones to possibly have the code to the alarm system. Often times people in the “security” industry are corrupt and easily bought. This IMO was a hit on her for going up against big pharma scum. Fk the NWO and their vaccines. You can’t get all of us, and some of us do not fear death.

  7. Abba, Father, Judge of all, I pray for Brandys child to be provided for, and comforted by your Holy Spirit. I pray psalms 37 and plead the blood of Yeshua be applied to this situation, in Jesus name! Let it be spoken, let it be written and let it be done in the Glorious Name, (the Name above all names) of Jesus!

  8. Why did she not have video surveillance of her entire house and property if she also spent money on an alarm system and new locks?

    1. She might have had video but maybe it’s not information being told to the public for whatever reason.

  9. I hope they burn in hell for this! Big pharma is a scam! Every disease is curable by fasting and a raw alkaline/vegan diet

  10. Surprisingly nothing reported since this article!! WONDER WHY!! Who is investigating????

    1. Cooperaing with the police and the “fakeurity” company. The money, the ruler… How it says: The lust for money is the root for all evil. Here it comes to reality.

  11. One question…. why didn’t she install hidden cameras??!!!

  12. If there are any links to articles with more info please share here. I have been following this story since I heard of it 2 weeks ago and have yet to find any updated information regarding the results of her toxicology report, cause of death, etc…
    Aequitas Veritas ~

  13. I was looking for more info but it seems that someone is hiding all the evidence !!!! The pharmacy industry has become very profitable no one cares about your health just your money and all the prescriptions that are written poor brandy really feel sorry for her now her son has no mother !!!!

  14. Authorities say she died of ‘natural causes’. Does that exclude all forms of foul play? Or does it simply mean she didn’t get run over by a truck or machine gunned to death or fall victim to some other external physical trauma?

  15. Go to to sign up. Learn the Risk fb page for updates and call to action

  16. TAKE ACTION with your voice!

    Help us honor Brandy Vaughan!

    We know that thousands of people support LearnTheRisk and our mission. We understand it may be difficult for some to contribute financially due to how crazy things have been in our world.
    We are determined to honor the wishes of Brandy Vaughan, “in the event of her untimely death” — which sadly came to pass.

    We need YOUR help!!

    Our goal is to have at least 300 California Residents and at least 500 people from anywhere else in the U.S. or around the world, to do the following:
    Make a minimum of 1 phone call, send 1 email, and mail 1 letter to the Santa Barbara County District Attorney, Sheriff and, California Attorney General, to DEMAND they conduct a thorough full scale criminal investigation into the sudden and unexplained death of Brandy Vaughan. Many of you know this something she put into writing that she wanted to have happen!

    It appears that the local authorities, due to lack of public outcry, are dropping the ball on this and are not designating the proper resources and personnel to give Brandy Vaughan JUSTICE with ALL the possible resources available to conduct an actual murder investigation.

    Your voice is powerful and with enough public outcry we are hopeful that these public servants will do their duty and listen to the demands of the people, to fully investigate the suspicious and unexplained death of our #LearnTheRisk founder, and friend to many, Brandy Vaughan.

    This only takes your willingness, courage, and time, and one stamp envelope, and letter. Now is the time to speak up and let your voice be heard. “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” — Dr Martin Luther King Jr

    Sheriff’s Office Headquarters
    4434 Calle Real
    Santa Barbara, CA 93110
    (805) 681-4100
    (805) 683-2724

    Joyce E. Dudley
    Santa Barbara County District Attorney
    1112 Santa Barbara Street
    Santa Barbara, CA. 93101
    (805) 568-2300

    Xavier Becerra
    Attorney Generals Office
    California Department of Justice
    Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
    P.O. Box 944255
    Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

    If you want to take it a few steps further, contact the Santa Barbara, Mayor, County Board of supervisors, the State legislative representatives, and the Governors Office.


    Please do everything you can to make it known that the people demand a full scale murder investigation, a thorough toxicology screening, forensic analysis of her phone, computers, and home security system, and a private independent coroners exam & toxicology investigation.

    Not only should we expect this for anyone in our community that suddenly passes without any real explanation, we should DEMAND it be done. Brandy Vaughan spoke out for us all, she fought against big pHARMa to wake the masses and provide us with the courage, empowerment, and knowledge to make medical decisions for ourselves. Brandy helped to expose the coverup campaigns big pharma does to keep the risks hidden from the public. She, at the very least deserves a full and complete murder investigation as the timing of her death is very suspicious, considering the current events unfolding in the U.S. (and all over).

    If you have a disability and cannot speak, write, or otherwise speak up for Brandy please consider sending a monetary donation to (“Donate” button on top first page of the website), so those who are closest to Brandy can continue the legal battles to keep her LearnTheRisk platform alive, and honor all of Brandy’s publicly stated, written wishes. The donation money is also helping to take care of immediate personal affairs surrounding Brandy (such as assisting with paying her rent, to prevent her belongings being displaced haphazardly).

    Thank you for your patience as we push through these challenging times. We will not be silenced, we will speak the truth even when our voice trembles. And, thanks to all of your continued support #LearnTheRisk WILL live on!!! Together we will carry the torch for Brandy, and her legacy, and make her proud!

    Sharing and tagging friends will help this gain traction in the newsfeed. Thank you!!

    Update: The law surrounding the request of a second autopsy doesn’t cover every possible circumstance or exception, when dealing with a murder investigation. It’s not always black and white. There is likely case law where public outcry has justified a private autopsy for a loved one that has no next of kin.

    Update: Although we can still post on our page here, we are currently being blocked from commenting — please know we are not ignoring comments! No, a FULL investigation has never been completed! Never! They pushed that into the media to silence the public.

    For continued updates, make sure you’re on our mailing list — go to:

  17. Some poisons are difficult to detect. Her food could have been poisoned when her home was invaded. But that also would have put her son at risk.

  18. The go get funding actually says zero about the son getting any of the funds, just money for campaigning basically? And the so called friend raising the funds is not taking care of the son as Brandy asked her to? Very suspicious gogetfunding imho.

  19. Pigs. Spread this to everyone you know to keep her alive through her message. Twitters stocks went way down after they dropped Trump. We do have a lot of power, even w everything rigged.

  20. If you want to determine whether there is more news about this you need to stay away from Google. You’ll be misdirected. I have concrete evidence for this concerning a research paper we wrote that was critical of lockdowns. Can’t find it by searching Google, but no problem with a more neutral search engine:

  21. Who needs a deep state or space lasers when its all in the open?

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  22. Justice needs to be done for her. We cannot forget her! It is very obvious that “they” just wanted her out of the picture because she knew too much and she was brave enough to talk about it.

  23. The only place she could have possibly gone to to be safe is Russia, just like Snowden who exposed the American administration for spying on its citizens through computers and cell phones.

  24. All great thanks to Doctor Joe for what he has done for my son and I. He has put a smile in  my face and for this, I pray may God continue to bless him and his entire family forever. I ordered herbs for  EPILEPSY for my son and he started using it, after one weeks I started seeing good changes in him, his seizures began to stop and I continued using the medicines on him and after one months of using this herbs, he was OK, his health was restored totally, everything was OK with him, he is now fine and doctor run a test on him and he confirm he is free from Epilepsy, I am so happy for what Dr Joe has done for my son, Dr information are contact Dr and get cure totally now because only him can help you with because am a living witness.

  25. […] Excellent points. The bolded is what I am worried about now. How did they ever get the dosing right with MRNA? It didn't work before but miraculously did just when Covid appeared? Hmmm… This person simplifies in a post; On MRNA struggles: "Moderna could not make its therapy work … the safe dose was too weak, & repeat injections of a dose strong enough to be effective had troubling effects on the liver in animal studies." Note label as "therapy," which has been rebranded to "vaccine." Interesting that nothing was figured out until 2020, and now we're told that they've figured out everything. After a decade of failed research and development, they suddenly perfected it?…46452032651268 Coincidentally I was prescribed Vioxx for a sprained ankle the week it was pulled off the market. I received the dreaded call of, "stop using immediately". In hindsight I shouldn't have been prescribed anything. I was young and healthy. I am clumsy and have since sprained my ankle one more time. Though painful, I just dealt with it. No meds needed. That's life. If not aware, Brandy Vaughan a vaccine whistleblower worked for the company that sold Vioxx. She died recently and though her death was eventually ruled from natural causes, it's quite suspicious. She was getting so many threats from Pharma that she wrote a post prior to her death that she would never take her own life. Vaccine Whistleblower, Brandy Vaughan, Found Dead – Sermon 3 Recordings […]

  26. I would have set a trap and whomever came in would be gone now. People need to wake up. This is evil! They have no soul to do suck things. We don’t think like them. They even attempt to come to my house uninvited, it will be the last time, i dont hesitate. Shut your technolody off every night. Our Government has been corrupt since before Truman probably longer. There is no check system in place to hold them accountable for transparency. So they do a lot knowing no one is baby sitting. Baby sitting club is in formulation! Game over!!

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