Tricky Youth premieres infectious Scott Strapped on Thunder Zone

Yep you’ll be playing this over…and over.  …and over. Tricky Youth has just premiered an infectious lo-fi anthem that literally every time we hear… we wanna hear again. Its soooo good.

Scott Strapped is Tricky Youth’s latest release on Thunder Zone, ran by genre-less artist/producer JUICEBOXXX. Thunder Zone has a diverse catalog of underground records that contains these infectious pop centers, so its only fitting Tricky’s latest record come out on their imprint.  

Tricky Youth has been a staple of the NYC DIY experimental community for evaaa, we love Tricky, so when they hit us with Scott Strapped we were eager to hear. What we heard was something that’ll set The Glove on fire – an anthemic lo-fi trapped out record thats gonna be CRAZZYY live. Ima freak out when they do this live… jus saying. 

Scott Strapped single, Artwork by DJ Speedsick 

We caught up with Tricky to get the backstory on Scott Strapped, along with their collaboration with Thunder Zone.

S3R News: How did you and Juiceboxxx first connect and what made this collaboration for Scott Strapped’s release happen?

Tricky Youth: The first time I saw Juiceboxxx was when I was 19 and I thought it was the coolest fucking thing – this guy who was putting everything into this absurd dream and singing songs about the fucked-up journey that had taken him on, regardless of what anyone thought, regardless of if some people thought it was fucking stupid, because it wasn’t for them. It was for anyone who could relate to the idea of being hopeful for something better in the face of all of this miserable shit, and who just wanted to be themselves; I thought it was the coolest fucking thing, way better, more visceral, and meaningful than the cool-guy shit or the high-art shit; it was real, be-yourself, believe-in-yourself shit. And I related. 

So fast-forward like 6 or 7 years, now I’m here, betting on myself and putting myself out there with the music i’m making, and it might be foolish, and I don’t really know who would fuck with it or who would care, and I definitely didn’t know who would put it out; the only person who I could think of to reach out to for guidance of how to traverse that shit was that dude. I sent him Scott Strapped and he loved it and believed in it, and now here we are.
S3R: What is the story behind Scott Strapped as a song? What birthed it? 
Tricky: Grunge clout god mental breakdown shit. Being a reckless, violent, paranoid addict trying to learn from past mistakes. The East coast. That shit.
S3R: Can u give us a look into the production techniques/ approach of this record? 
Tricky: My main producer, LiLNAPSTER99, basically came to me with this Cure-like goth trap beat. I wanted to rap over like, Disintegration-era Cure type shit. Just massive sounds, huge synths,big drums, movie shit. I wanted it to be really heavy but to sing really clean on it. He sent me the beat and I came up with the hook right away and then I cut a demo for it last summer with the legend DJ Dog Dick out in the Rockaways, sent it to Boxxx, and then finished it with the homie Justin Schmidt from the band Blu Anxxiety. Dog Dick, Juiceboxxx, and Chi who sings for Blu Anxxiety are like my big brothers, so it was tight to have them all involved.
S3R: What really gets you goin Tricky? Whatchu wan do next?
Tricky: I don’t know. Shit is fucked up. Just trying to make it through, honestly. That’s kind of all I’m focused on right now. It’s not a big project-based thing. Just hoping for something better in the face of all of this shit and letting this shit out the only way I really can. I’m just going for broke and hoping someone can relate. Connectivity, or just finding a reason to get up in the morning and keep going. That’s kind of it.
Watch the video trailer for Scott Strapped below:

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