Traute Lafrenz, The Last Surviving Member Of The White Rose, Dies At 103

Sermon 3 Recordings originally took its name from the inspiration of the White Rose Society, who, thru their graffiti and leaflet campaign fought the viles of Hitler and the Nazi regime. 

They were college aged students and one of the only anti-nazi organized groups operating in Germany throughout Hitler’s 12 year reign. 

German themselves, they could have stayed in their lane and been quiet, but they chose to stand up and fight back.

They were caught by their school’s janitor, who saw them throw their sixth installment of leaflets from the top floor down into the atrium so other students could find them after class. The janitor was a Nazi and immediately called the Gestapo, Nazi secret police. Three founding members were tried and beheaded four days later. Around 16 other members would be beheaded or tortured and imprisoned over the next two years. Traute Lafrenz was in a Nazi prison awaiting trial and facing execution before being liberated by American troops on April 15, 1945.  

The message that inspired the formation of White Rose…? Sermon 3 from the Lion of Münster, delivered August 3rd, 1941.

Traute_Lafrenz, The White Rose Society

Traute Lafrenz, the last surviving member of the White Rose, passed last month at 103, 80 years after the rest of the White Rose. 

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