They’re burning the Amazon and Killing its Leaders to Mine its Gold


Lets get to heart of the matter. 

The Amazon has gold. GOLD. Not only gold, the rainforest possesses an extraordinaire amount of mineral resources including large quantities of copper, tin, nickel, bauxite, manganese and iron ore. THATS WHY illegal miners have been trying to invade their land, the home to over 800,000 people, and kill and displace the people from it, so they can have the gold. 

Thanks to policies created in 2005 to protect indigenous people and their homes, miners weren’t legally allowed on indigenous lands in the Amazon. But in January, Jair Bolsonaro took over office and completely started flipping things on its head. He refused to recognize the rights of indigenous peoples and is committed to opening up the Amazon to big business. Since his election, illegal mining has exploded in Brazil, with reports of over 10,000 miners invading the lands. 

“My intention is to regulate mining, to legalize mining, even for the indigenous who have the right to exploit mines on their property. The land is indigenous and that is their land,” Bolsonaro said recently in an interview. “Of course, NGOs and other countries don’t want this. They want the indigenous to remain trapped like in a zoo, like they’re a pre-historic human.”
What Bolsonaro doesn’t recognize is what you call zoo, is what they call home. The indigenous are fighting to preserve the land and soil in which their culture, means of living and identity is based.  Bolsonaro’s disregard
for indigenous life, their homes, traditions, lifestyle and family is sickening.

Just a couple months ago, several gold miners invaded the Wajãpi community and cruelly stabbed their tribe leader to death. Immediately following Emrya Wajãpi’s death, a large group of minors invaded the land with machine guns, forcing the people to flee to the hills. 

On September 6th, rights activist Maxciel Pareira dos Santos, was shot and killed on by an unidentified hit man riding on the back of a motorbike.

The killing of the Brazilian Indigenous leader speaks to the global trend of killing environmental activists. According to a new Global Witness report, 164 land and environmental defenders were killed in 2018—an average of more than three every week. Researchers point out that the actual numbers are likely higher, as these instances of violence often go unreported, and less apparent tactics such as intimidation don’t make the headlines.

Under the Bolsonaro administration, burning the rainforest down for mining, land invasions, displacement and killing of indigenous peoples are becoming the unchecked culture and rule of thumb in the Amazon. 

“Where there is indigenous land,” he said last year, “there is wealth underneath it.”

This a massive problem, that needs our collective attention to face. Using our personal resources, reach and community to shed light, power and an open dialogue on the heinous crimes raging against the people of Brazil is acutely necessary. 

NYC based Internet and community platforms and Discakes and Remedi Foods have come together to use their communal energies to throw a rave tonight at h0l0.NYC where 100% percent of proceeds goes to getting funds to equip the Brazilian people to fight against the miner invasions and violence they face everyday. 

The people deserve to be able to protect themselves from the fires, stabbings, death threats and constant pressure they face solely because they’re home is above mineral resources miners and corporations want to use to make themselves richer. All this at the expense of humans, the climate, and 10% of every species of plant and animal in the word, all located in the Amazon. 

God damnit. The organization organizing for the interest of the indigenous people of Brazil is APIB – the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil. Headed by Sônia Guajajara, a 44-year-old indigenous woman with a degree in special education, the APIB don’t play. They serve as a united origination for all the indigenous communities and regions of the country. Everyone has agreed to come work together under APIB to incite change and protect and defend each other. 

So awesome. We can all help with donating to the APIB either online at or thru tickets at tonight’s rave, 1090 Wyckoff ave, Ridgewood, Ny 11385. 9pm – 5am available HERE.

Discakes x Remedi Food RAVE FOREST Benefit Show

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