The Video Premiere of Sasa Juste Tell On You Blows The Whistle on Incest Abuse


Gotdamnit. SMH God damnit. That’s all that came to mind as I watched the unapologetic music video from Sasa Juste, speaking uninhibited about the experience of being sexual and physically abused from her own father. SMH. 

“How you gonna wanna birth me and fuck me at the same time,” those lyrics pierced the air like daggers, as the visuals of fruit being manipulated, fingered, tossed around and discarded, flew across the screen. 

An overwhelming combination from Sasa and director Mia X, Tell On You is a brave, necessary, empowering and culture shifting exhibition of art. It’s a trailblazing example of the power we possess in the tongue, how men can be held accountable for their crimes, that we don’t as a community have to just shut up and take it.

Instead, in very much the opposite, we have the power to use our voice, our platforms, our expression, our art, our visuals, to boldly confront the deepest evils of the world, calling for and enacting change in the process. 

Watch the official premiere of Sasa Juste’s Tell On You music video below.

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