The Civilian’s Defense Act

We can’t force someone to not be racist. But we can defend ourselves from racists as much as possible. That’s why the Civilian’s Defense Act is so important.

The Civilian’s Defense Act is a proposed set of federal laws, by The 83rd, comprised to form an independent system of publicly elected citizens, who bear no conflict of interest to the police, that can effectively hold police accountable to the law.

The CDA writes police reports, investigate crimes, and is equipped with public defenders who can fully prosecute law enforcement to a jury of randomly selected peers.

Why the CDA?

Well first thing’s first. As mentioned, we can’t force the police to not be racist. But we can make sure they’re held accountable for their racist actions. That’s where Qualified Immunity, backed by the CDA, sets in.

Qualified Immunity is the doctrine in American federal law that allows police to not have to answer to the law because of their line of work. An officer can assault, murder, commit battery and more, and it’s overlooked due to the ‘nature’ of their job. That’s how so many protestors can clearly be abused on a national scale, without sweeping ramifications against law enforcement.

That’s how Tommy Yancy, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Tamir E. Rice‘s murderer’s could all get off. That’s what gave Derek Chauvin the comfortability to kill George Floyd. All officers know they’re protected by this blue code, obtaining virtually no accountability, but rather being given an abundance of space to enact criminal behavior.

We must end Qualified Immunity. But ending Qualified Immunity without the Civilian’s Defense Act nullifies the whole action.

Say police are now being charged for their crimes… who’s gonna write the police report? The police. Who’s gonna charge them? The prosecution they work with day in and day out on other cases. Who’s gonna sentence them? The judge they’ve known for years, with too many mutual friends to count.

And that’s why America needs a separate system of checks and balances, to fairly and justly, hold police to the law.

A complete overview of the statutes that make up the CDA are listed below. Sermon 3 is now working to get this proposed law into Congress, in the hopes of getting it passed not only as American law, but as sweeping international law.

Civilian’s Defense Act 

[An Independent Bureau, Publicly Selected and Funded, That Serves to Hold Police Accountable to U.S. Civil and Criminal Law]

CDA Enforcement: Public nominated, credible members of the community, serving to provide a means of checks and balances against unlawful police conduct. 

CDA Support: Any public citizen that experiences or bears witness to unlawful police conduct can serve as CDA Support, providing necessary information to the CDAE for police prosecution. 

CDAE has the right to legally investigate misconduct thru:

Writing police reports on the incident in question. 

Providing relative information to CDA prosecution. 

CDA Prosecution: Independently contracted public defenders, who in no shape or form, bear any conflict of interest to the district attorney’s office, law enforcement or their connected judicial systems.

Police are to be tried by a jury of its peers; randomly selected community members, that include a broad spectrum of race, national origin, sexual orientation, age and gender.  

If found guilty, police in no way, shape or form, shall receive any type of exemption in regards to the prison in which they are assigned. Any conflict of interest with a particular prison automatically disqualifies said officer from completing their court ordered sentence at that prison. 

The CDA is publicly funded. Members must be re-elected every two years.

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