The 83rd

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Founder of S3R and Again I artist The 83rd has big plans for 2017, and his newest album Again I is only a fraction of the creative energy he has to exert into the universe.

“I am not a threat. I am not a sexual, musical or athletic novelty. I am a human.”

The 83rd dropped his album Again I today, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.

Again I features a collection of emotional journeys The 83rd captured in real time in his studio, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The nine track album features a spectrum of sensations that you may experience to be too visceral and impossible to communicate with spoken language or word. The 83rd’s synesthesia may contribute to why his art so genreless and visceral, and in his perfect world, he would have a visual to every song. Again I features a noteworthy visual collaboration with Vaj Power on the track Zion.


Bringing S3R media into fruition is part of The 83rd’s disposition to write his experience to change not only his future, but those of others. Inspired by his father and grandfather, who both experienced the inequalities of the Jim Crow and post-Jim Crow South, giving others a voice to the marginalized is The 83rd’s lifeblood – whether this is with his own music, or in his vision for the S3R platform.

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