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Experimental Record Producer, The 83rd, is back with a new visual from Italian music video director, Johanna Invrea, for the single Teg Me/001, off his recently released Again I album.

The Brooklyn based producer is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to art and expression. Dubbed genre-less, he’s moved more by the idea of unabashedly expressing how he feels in the most transparent ways, than being motivated by genre or style.

The 83rd is noted saying, “The more eccentric the better. God is in the honest, the raw, the unapologetically visceral and open.”

Welp, Teg Me/001 is a formless barrage of emotion, heavy drums, experimental noise and sound design. And the visuals for it concur.

Johanna Invrea, S3R News

We caught up with Johanna Invrea to get her thoughts on working with The 83rd, her motivation for Teg Me/001’s visuals and video direction, as well as what’s next on her plate.

S3R: How did you and The 83rd meet and start working together?

Johanna Invrea: We met on Twitter two years ago; at that time, I was producing and posting short lo-fi experimental videos, mostly picturing landscapes. I was interesting in mixing up aerial scenery with close-up images of the ground. Will was following my posts, he wrote and asked me to collaborate on a video for a remix track by Telepathe. Our meeting was fruitful and we have been in contact since.

S3R: Where were you ‘inspiration-wise’ that made you take Teg Me/001 in this direction visually?

JI: The track feels to me like a mad run; the rhythm, gritty in a way, fits well with 3D images, with green screens, and it gives me the feeling that everything is under transformation. Landscapes became reiterating screens that reflect the scenery. The slowdown at the end of the track suggested a cadenced, sluggish step, inspiring the figures of rhinoceros.

S3R: What were your initial thoughts when hearing Teg Me?

JI: The track surprised me at once for its extremely electric sound, which whirres in space. I attempted to manipulate it with wild images, maddening colors, iridescent liquids, and crazy animals.

S3R: What are some of your favorite video editing techniques that help define your workflow?

JI: I believe that the digital aesthetic of computer graphics is most suitable to express my vision.

S3R: What’s next for Johanna?

JI: Researching the surreal, a way to transcend the limits imposed by our senses. This can happen through diverse visual forms, some contradicting each other. As I was saying, digital aesthetics are a very effective means to sublimate reality and create depth on a surface. Digital sculptures become reality and vice versa, videos are not true representations of reality although they reproduce its elements. The direction is surreal chaos.

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