The 83rd Officially Releases the RISE Album

It was the turn of the year, six months ago when The 83rd first announced he’d be releasing his catalog regularly over the next two years. Since then, he’s dropped a new single off his boombastic, experimental, dynamic journey which has become the RISE album every week for three months… but still RISE wasn’t officially available for users to have for themselves, to download, to stream until NOW.

Out of nowhere The 83rd announced RISE was finally in stores Tuesday, what a day what a day! We’ve attached the Spotify and iTunes links so you can have direct access to this funnel of everlasting creativity. Check below and enjoy the RISE.

The 83rd RISE on Spotify

The 83rd RISE on iTunes 

Also peep the genius-sweltered-in-vibe music video for The 83rd – O Rite Here We Go

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