The 83rd Announces FIGHT CLUB PACK for Juneteenth

This Juneteenth, I’m releasing DJ DWizz – Get Em (The 83rd Know Your Enemy Edit) and making the pre-order available for FIGHT CLUB PACK, a 10-track club pack serving as sonic revolution for the dance floor.

FIGHT CLUB PACK is sonic ammunition for the people; fuel for our hearts and minds to continue to fight back against the intentional systems of oppression & violence onslaughted against us daily.

In regards to Know Your Enemy, I chopped up an ol’ DWizz record called Get Em, and used the vox sample and pressure of his track to be the backdrop against Kwame Ture’s speech at a 1968 Black Panther rally for Huey Newton. It’s a call to focus, recognize who your true enemy is, to put down what divides us, and raise up against the ones who divided us in the first place.

Every single has different artwork on the album. Each time, documenting moments in history Black people stuck back, revolted, resisted, WON. It’s important we indoctrinate ourselves with images for revolution and triumph. Normalizing victory, so it becomes easier and easier to repeat.


Original Photo: 1938, Lakeland, Florida

“Members of Black community confront the Ku Klux Klan as they march down Dakota Avenue. August 30, 1938. Black citrus workers were trying to organize a union. The Klan arrived to try and stop the movement. So the residents of Lakeland came out to confront the Klan on Dakota Avenue to tell them WE AIN’T HAVING IT.”

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