tE$tify Dec 2020 Music and Video Playlists Are Out Now

We’re ending the yeart rt with tE$tify Dec 2020 Music and Video Playlists.

Underground female rappers from the south hijacked our soundcloud. There’s a thing going on underground, a new swell, brewing…from Texas to Memphis, and their names are MAXAMILLION, mazirati and Staysie Atoms…raw, untamed, unapologetic.


And right alongside them is the unteachable genius of YUNGCYBERPRINCESS, location to be determined, it really doesn’t matter… listen to YCP AND THREAT — TOPIC (PROD. VENUS) and you’ll see what I mean.

Carving lanes between them is raw recordings of NYC punk outfit Dawn of Humans, Minneapolis’ Paqrat, and archive recordings of Colour Revolt and Show Me The Body. They all breathe effortlessly alongside the warm yet reckless recording of King Yosef’s latest single, The Dull Blade, a song sonically on the edge of rhythms, distortion and analog colour palettes.

Houston to New York’s Lorde Vice and RLSG B Smith both serve up hard and catchy rap leaks you oughta know in OVERTIME and Shake what yo mama gave ya.

tEsTIFY (Dec 2020) Video Playlist

tEsTIFY (Dec 2020) Video Playlist kicks off with the crucially telling first-person docuseries from San Quenitin inmates, FirstWatch.

FirstWatch is a series on accountability and transformation, entirely produced, filmed, and edited by men incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. In this episode, Lawrence takes us on his journey of rehabilitation and human connection. Tap in further with FirstWatch at

So many sleepers with heat rounding out 2020 with uncompromising visuals works to experience.

There’s the little known work of Triggered music in the song/video of violence. A 3-D immersion world with currently only 27 views. …gold.

There’s GRiMM Doza – Grimmiyagi. The DIY underground rap video is effortless… an effortless drip you can’t teach.

And there’s also MIA’s documentary, a first person tale of her childhood to present day experiences, packed with a lot of solid brain food for other artists to digest. It plays perfectly alongside SEVDALIZA’s first person video narrative of OH MY GOD, a collection of VHS home recordings recounting her earliest childhood music memories, from her first keyboard to singing and dancing in her elementary school choir. Its a gem.

Creatives are turning the lens on themselves via tEsTIFY (Dec 2020) and telling their stories on their terms.

… and there’s more.

Dreamcrusher’s PBS documentary is on-display alongside FRANK/IE CONSENT’s genius in Play Structure. Rounding off home with the already classic single of Alice Glass NIGHTMARES (prod. by Jupiter Keyes) and DJ Slugo’s classic ghetto house record (we need no reason to keep posting other than its hot), The Juker.

Ring in the New Year right w tEsTIFY (Dec 2020) Out Now.

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