Te$tify April Chynna Tribute, Brazilian Underground and more


This Te$tify April we pay homage to the late Philly rapper, Chynna, who tragically passed away earlier this month.  

The thing about Chynna’s music that was so refreshing was the subtly, nuance, and untaught bop it possessed. Some things can’t be taught. And Chynna movie on a track is one of them.

iddd is a perfect example. Peep if it u never have. That along with asmr and more must-haves from Chynna are steaming in #Te$tify.

We also dive deep into the world of Brazilian video artist Enantios Dromos, and their channel featuring madd underground homies in Latin and Central America, #limitrofetelevision. It’s lit.

Check out the work of Pujollll and Meth Math, alongside the live remix coding of Lil Data + more, all in one place, #Te$tify April, streaming below.

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