The content rolling out in this month’s TESTIFY playlist is the empitamy of culture creators, innovators, activism, unapologetically raw expression and out-of-the-box ideas and people coming together in one space, play-listed for your ingestion.

Michael Alig and Club Kids controversial Geraldo appaerance, as well as Alig after his prison release, Tommy Wright’s classic record ‘Big Pussy’ <– (shoutout to PVSSYHEAVEN for that plug), Trash Talk, IAMDDB, the Deli Girls live at The Glove, as well as including Quay Dash’s latest visual for Decline Him, alongside the unstoppable fury that is the EASTER – SMAR video, plus + more make up this month’s hyper-creative stylings and expressions.

We’ll be digging deeper behind each video and artist throughout the month (rubs hands like Baby)…so get ready get ready get ready… September is gon be awesomeeee.

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