Starting this month, we’re curating monthly Spotify playlists. Follow Sermon 3 Recordings on Spotify for all things indie, abstract, immersive and more left of center socially. We’re excited to bring the sound of underground to Spotify.
Anddd for the month of March, we chose these tracks that really got us vibin.


NOLIFE  – off the new album, “You won’t survive the state of New York”. The song, UNKIND devours droney hard core sounds from upstate New York mixed with electronic samples. The blend is naturally aggressive but subtle enough to enjoy on a sunny day.

Jpegmafia – This track called All Caps No Spaces grabs you with the way his  flow rolls with the beat. So effortlessly it feels like his words are surfing on top of the beat. Lyrics such as “I am not an artist I am a ghost in a black body” reveals the layers available to interpret in his music. The rage is there. The pain. The passion. And of course the talent. Watch out for Jpegmafia.

Felicita – As for the song, a new family, it produces a mood that is a familiar terror from your childhood. The intense roar that emerges from under a twinkle synth melody plays with these youthful memories. The creepy but mystically brightening song could be a recorded straight from your childhood nightmares.

The rest of the playlist include songs from: Tommy Genesis, Mssingno, D’eon, and more. Shuffle through the list and increase your creative energy!


See you in April for another playlist of hand selected tracks.

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