Testify July 19 Brings the Back Beat Back to the Dance Floor


is PLAYLIST TIME! Testify July 19 is out! And is an eclectic mix of experimental back beat and bass, intersected with the unapologetic energy of hard acid and gabber. Lawd. Is wet. 

With infectious motifs, pulsing sub tones and the snapping drums of NEVE’s Scizzor, to the pure unrelenting mixes of NVR_MND and EXTOL’s Pure X, to the inate bounce that runs thru Joey LaBeija’s ‘Dial Up Affection’, TESTIFY July runs the gamet of exploration, rhythm and underground energy.

Taylor Made, Boston Chery, Guido, GAWD* (Love), Summer Lovin and more also take over this month’s playlist and go OFF. Peep the link link 

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