This month is our two year playlist anniversary what what… and no better way to celebrate bringing together some of the most broad, hyper-creative-expressions from across the internet than by doing it again with this month’s TESTIFY.

We kicked off TESTIFY August 18 with Yugao Breeze of 48 Phantom. He just dropped a killer new EP, Inferiority Complex, on August 1st. We added his bass-laiden track, Skin, to jump things off. The drop. wait. for the droppp. omg

Also filling out this month is British punk band, Cool Jerks, who’s Effigy track is a ball of energy that don’t quit.

Alongside Umru + Osno1’s Popular, The 83rd’s mass incarceration documentary EP, a demo from experimental electornic artist Aristophanes, and a special 2004 mix from Chicago ghetto house producer Traxman, TESTIFY got us feeling some time a way.

We’d be admist not mention Killstation, who’s rounds off this August playlist. We love the SoCal experimental indie rapper, and the fact that he’s always releasing his expression. In countless forms, Killstation’s music is a conversation, like water, it is what it is. 40 seconds or 7 minutes it doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is at that moment. YES KS YESSSS.

We added the mangled, exciting, ever moving, emotive track that is Claustrophobia below. Peep game

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