TESTIFY is our monthly playlist, giving a platform to subcultures and their unique human experiences,  from the raw and aggressive to the experimental and immersive, the unapologetic art of everything in between is where we find ourselves. Here. Open. Honest. Raw. Testifying our own human experience through sound.
Our debut TESTIFY playlist lead off w Soundcloud French producer, Sadwrist, and his firey track MISKINA (المنتحر). Heavy ass distorted 808’s, visceral noise and metal samples ensue and grow as the beat pounds, mutating along like a river downstream you’re transported to the next phrasing.  We also featured our friends from mother Russia, experimental electronic duo, IC3PEAK. When i first heard IC3PEAK i thought it was a mistake. Was I really hearing what was coming out of my speakers? Pounding sporadic drums reminiscent of Evian Christ, fluttered falsettos, linear and unapologetic, and the space.. as far left and heavy as Ic3peak goes there’s this space on their records, its in those spaces you find yourself, and as quickly as you come in focus, its snatched away w/ the next unexpected barrage.
Throughout all the TESTIFY’s we have Sounds of the South, our dedicated field recordings archives page to early/mid 20th century recordings of a Jim Crow South and the gospel, blues, folk, field and prison recordings that came out of it. To kick off August we featured a unbelievably moving raw recording of  Boyd Rivers & Ruth May Rivers – Fire In My Bones by Alan Lomax in their living room in Canton, Mississippi in 1978. We also have Lomax’s recording of St. James Missionary Baptist Church Of Canton – Wade In The Water (1978) including in the playlist. 
The rest of the Soundcloud Playlist for 2016 are below.

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