We love this month’s video playlist. From Dr. Carl Hart’s debunking of social drug myths, to the trans revenge of punk-group-no-more G.L.O.S.S. and newly formed Houston punk band LACE, over to the Jim Crow Museum, Leikeli47 and Eartheater’s forward thinking immersive expressions, we’re all over the map in April, criss-crossing our way through some of America’s not-so-talked-about repressive foundations and current expressions that challenge them.


This recently dissolved trans-femenist punk band from Olympia’s 2015 debut, Demo, was so heavy, fiery, full of energy and purpose that we had to add it our monthly playlist at some point, and what better time than now. Gloss is something special, turning down major label deals and anything else that comprised the ‘why’ in their expression. Still friends to this day, this radical 5-piece proves that success is relative and transparent art is priceless.


Not gon lie. The album art captured my attention. Then i pressed play… I’m glad i pressed play. My Mask is Off has something special to it.. raw and exposed, you can hear the fury and intent in every part of the Houston band’s being when playing. But the recording…the recording of the record remains warm, soft and almost as if there’s a spring reverb or analog delay on the whole thing. Very cool. Looking forward to doing a full interview inside the making of the EP. Nice one LACE.

Dr. Carl Hart Debunking Drug Myths

Columbia Professor, Scientist and Psychologist Dr Carl Hart is awesome man. He simply looks at data and talks about it, regardless of the ‘social norms’ or the cultural mindset one may have on the topic. The one topic Hart has dedicated his life to is the research of drugs. Hart believes banned substances like cocaine and weed aren’t nearly the big threat big-budget-campaigns have made them out to be.
Hart likens the affects of the overuse of cocaine to aspirin, and draws the parallel that drug use isn’t the problem, as 90% of illegal drug users are not addicts, but the war on drugs, which targets communities of color, is much more dangerous to our perception of what and who users of drugs look and act like it.


Goon Soul put us on to this Queens based audio, visual experimental artist. Eartheater knows no bounds when it comes to her art, experimenting not only with her voice, but with her body and live performances. Her collab with directors Sam Shea and James Thomas Marsh in Ecdysisyphus is evident of the limitlessness that circles the borders of Alexandra’s imagination. Ecdysisyphus actually kicks off April’s Video Playlist.

Watch the full TESTIFY April Testify Playlist below.

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