Teezo Touchdown Got Next

The Beaumont, Texas Artist/Producer is Bringing a Fresh Wave of Experimental, Punk and Pop to Hip Hop.

Teezo Touchdown‘s I’m Just A Fan video first caught my attention. Oversized arms waling in a room with a bunch of fans, alongside his charismatic and simple vocal…. I’m just a fan, and there you have it. Sonic/Visual gold.

Peel back the layers and you uncover a bevy of records collaging multiple genres, Teezo’s uncompromising fashion, and a pop center that gives each song athematic possibilities. This is no more evident than in his prior single, Mid, below.

The official video for Mid is the cherry on top connecting a whole series of short skit videos, rightfully campaigning to keep mid off the streets. Whether so-so weed or approach to music, he’s got a point, quality parts have quantity effect. RID THE MID is a genius interactive site that helps you navigate Teezo Touchdown’s world; his running for office as the mayor of Midville, links to his music and how you can get involved… shit slaps.

Not to mention, Teezo just collabed with universal fashion brand Moncler for his debut performance of I’m Just A Fan in NYC just over a week ago. This all for Matthew Williams’ #MONCLER1017ALYX9SM collection coming this November… so like we said… Teezo’s Got Next.

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