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April is here and it is about that time of year where we start to define what 2017 sounds like. This month feels like the cracking of ice as you pour hot water over it. Think about the pressure of opposite forces made of the same substance, intriguing, hitting all the senses, it’s this quietly evasive strength that shows itself in this month’s staff picks.

Electronic music has become even more limitless with time due to the lawlessness of the internet. Genres birthing more sub-genres, experimentation running rampant, and a digital net to catch all of it. Its because of this boundlessness that I’m betting the future of 2017 is going to bring a new hyperactive flow of electronic-based music. This maybe scary to some, but we welcome it.

This month’s TESTIFY playlist is enriched with experimental electronica and minimal sounds that attribute to the future.



Ic3peak – This genre pushing Russian duo, Nick & Nastya, describe themselves as “audiovisual terror futuristic opera”, and they couldn’t be more on-point.  “Ether” invigorates a soul gripping desire, leaving you on a building’s edge in a winter storm. You can feel the chills of Nastya’s voice, high-pitched and filled with emotion. The beat is SICK, powerful and daunting,  illuminating a great foundation for Nastya’s voice to travel over.

Gorillaz feat. Vince Staples – The well awaited return of the Gorillaz is finally here. Humanz is out later this month, April 28. The track “Ascension” which features Vince Staples is already a personal favorite. The collaboration opens up expectations and a window into what may be the sound for the rest of Humanz. Vocals from Vince and Gorillaz’s are filled with intriguing lyrical play, you almost forget it’s a Gorillaz song until 2D comes in and sings, “Attack on Iraq it’s on a line typing it fast then it’s slipping my mind. Oh, when I’m drunk I’m spirited back I fall in a fire then I save myself”. The sound of his voice eerily makes the song feel post-apocalyptic without any direct references.

Christine and the Queens – This queer French genius is nothing short of phenomenal. Christine is multi-talented, as she sings, writes, and also dances. The song “Paradis Perdus” samples the lyrics to Kanye’s infamous “Heartless”, but creates a completely different intention and song. The complexity of Christine’s music involves multi-layered meanings, reasoning and musical elements. Christine translates the idea that she is secure with her identity, and in my opinion she does this very well.

Listen to the full TESTIFY – APRIL Spotify Playlist below.


See you in May!

Written by Hannah

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