SOPHIE, Electronic Pioneer, Dies at 34

SOPHIE was so much to the underground. Her experimental productions captivated a generation of kids who dared to, without restraint, push the boundaries in their own lives and artistic expressions.

Tragically, she passed away this morning after an accidental fall when she climbed up to watch the full moon. A statement was released by her team Transgressive & Future Classic.

Sophie’s Product was a creative, untamed, daringly wild bomb that hit the scene in 2015. Tracks like Lemonade and Hard were wrapped up in counter-rhythms, speedy and aggressive chops and mutated sounds, rounded with a pop center that changed a score of electronic producers approach to making music in general.

But what also is not often mentioned, is at the same time she was writing/producing for Madonna, Le1f and Charlie XCX.

That’s the thing, music was always just music with SOPHIE, genreless, she without fail or restraint, brought innovation to WHATEVER she touched. And over the next five years she would continue to bless everyone around her producing Charlie XCX, MØ, Vince Staples, Quay Dash and more.

All of that, alongside 2018’s critically acclaimed Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides LP, which only progressed forward in its unrelenting creativity, pop-electronic experimentation and dynamic range. Watch the ground breaking video for FaceShopping Below.


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