DIRTY. The bass. dirty. vocal cops. dirty. drums. dirt. e. lyrics. dumb dirty. delivery filth. Ugh. Every time we press play on Quay Dash ‘Bossed Up’ we can’t stop making the dirty face. It’s all so…. dirty.

Bronx rapper Quay Dash‘s flow is something special. Menacing, undertoned and quietly vicious, there’s an unmistakable character and cool when Quay starts to open her mouth. Mix that with London-based experimental producer Sophie‘s out of the box approach to production, counter rhythms and half-time… and we see why Quay is so Bossed Up, she’s operating in her calling.

Everyone should know who Quay Dash is, and Bossed Up needs to be spread over as many urban playlist and radio stations as possible. A breath of fresh hair, Dash and Sophie bring a different perspective to hip hop while effortlessly preserving something so inherently catchy and entrancing.

When asked how her current worldview as a black trans woman, as an artist, as a human, informed the lyrical context/direction of Bossed Up, Dash replied, “As a black trans artist – I see the world as a big place where I can make my dream and my vision come true. Whether or not I have the power to do so I’ll continue to strive and make art and music for the world to see. Bossed up is a song about me leveling up as a rapper, me stepping my game up and letting the world know it’s time to be a boss – it’s no longer a game and I’m not playing with y’all.”

Quay Dash, S3R News

Quay’s not playing, she’s on a mission, realizing the physicality of her visions in realtime with each lyric. The release of Bossed Up also marks the unveiling of the rest of Dash’s vision in the Transphobic EP. A five song EP released last Friday on Perth Records. Transphobic is an EP you need to know, and you can listen below.

*S3R TIP, do yourself and favor and don’t skip #5, Decline Him (prod. by Penacho). Press play fam. Shhh… just press play.

You the boss Quay, keep at it.

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