Songs You Need to Know: COOL JËRKS – Burning Effigy off Demo 2016 Album (Talk 01)

Can u feel the love? Tis burning for Burning Effigy, released off the COOL JËRKS Demo 2016 album. Demo 2016 dropped two years ago this Fall and may of fell under some people’s radars… so we’re here to help put it back on.?

Burning Effigy has a relentless pace and energy that keeps you riding the galloping rhythm of the drums  and furious guitar riffs for all the 77 seconds of the piece’s sound adventure.

The Cool Jerks story is an interesting one. Having grown up in Grimston, England, a town where punk rock was illegal until 2010, they played in secret for many years, only being able to practice for 15 minutes at a time in between police patrols.

And so Demo 2016 took 8 years to write. Talk about patience.

The band played their first show when the Grimston Wall was finally knocked down on 5th August 2010.

Released by Tape Talks, Burning Effigy and Demo 2016 is one that you should def have somewhere in your playlist.

Listen below:

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