When the weakest members of society take history into their own hands, they can change the world.
– HenryLouisGates

I wanted a place. A place where the hyper creative were honored. A place where the unapologetic, raw and imperfect could drink. A place where the unpolished were recognized for the treasures they truly possessed. A place where the overlooked and marginalized, the culture shapers and trendsetters, could set their feet. You’ve drank from the experience of our water but never re-filled our cup. You’ve told our story through your lens, but its time to turn the camera back around, cue the mic and let the beautifully human, all too raw and real lives speak out for themselves, and have a sustained platform to do so.

That’s why S3R is here.

I couldn’t find a place where the rawer, the louder, the crazier, the more creative, the more abstract, the more transparent, the more unhinged and unlimited… the better. A place where we focus on saying these minorities, this financial class, this gender, this sexual orientation matters. So I built it.

Her name is S3R, she’s unapologetically black, gay, goth, punk, transgendered, hood, feminine, poor, in-prisoned and lit… and so are her friends. We tell their stories here at S3R, the Sound of Underground.

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