PREMIERE: AMKosman Releases VOLVM 1.turbulence

Adele M Kosman, better known as AMKosman has released her full EP today and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Swedish singer/producer has teamed up with Swedish experimental label, Cherish Label, that prioritizes trans women and femme expression, to drop the hauntingly beaitiful VOLVM 1.turbulence EP.

Each song seeminglessly supports and communicates with the next, making her solo project a super special one that deserves a full play from front to back.

Kosman is one creative soul. Originally the 3D-esque video for No One Notice caught our attention last year, and we’re super glad we continued listening. VOL M 1.turbelence is a graduation to a different space for Kosman – subtle, warm, and unapologetically beautiful and dynamic.

We caught up with AMKosman to go a little deeper behind her personal thoughts and creative process, what we unearthed were a bunch of  hidden jewels about the always evolving musician. Check it out below:

S3R Premieres AMKosman VOLM 1.turbulence. Photo by Daniel Leksell

S3R: First off, do you personally prefer Adele M Kosman or AMKosman…we’ve seen variant iterations of it around the web and wanted to clear that up.

AMKOSMAN: I refer to myself as Adele Kosman; call me Adele! AMKosman is the artist name of this project, and it so happens to be very close to my birth name.

S3R: Thanks, how do you personally feel your expression has changed since ‘No One Notice?’

AMK: The most obvious change for me since writing ‘No one notice’ is that I record the majority of my sounds today, as opposed to using more software instruments and stock-sounds found on the internet. I have access to a brilliant studio, which has encouraged me to record more acoustic and analogue sounds. This has lead me on to explore more post-digital atmospheres.

Since writing both ‘No One Notice’ and ‘Comfort’ I have had the time to both change and develop my thoughts and views from which my lyrics and sonic worlds derive from. Especially looking at ‘No One Notice’ which for me is all about anger and frustration, today I see more softness and maturity in my work. I’d say the lyrics are still all about me, there has been to much to cover so far for me to dare go outside myself. I definitely see a direction where I soon have the level of self-acceptance that I can start digesting say other peoples stories.

S3R: VOLVM 1.turbulence has such a stoic feel, one that takes its time to grow, and is poised as an art piece, I feel like the records aren’t in any hurry… Was there some reaction in your life that caused the records to come together in that manner?

AMK: You sensing a stoic feeling makes me think I’m not very far off; saying I see personal development in my work. I have incredibly emotionally evolved individuals in my life and I strive, together with them, to work with my inner world though music and all other possible ways I have the energy to embrace. I’d say music is the most important way of doing this and it serves us both so well, me and my music. Letting both of us grow in the pace and magnitude which is demanded.

My external conditions were well aligned when writing this material. I wrote all last summer with lots of space and little distractions.

S3R: Take us a little behind the making of the EP. What were some of the production techniques and approaches you were exploring?

AMK: I mentioned the recording earlier – that was a major part. Specifically I should mention producing intricate percussive loops which I used to carry several of the tracks. I see it as some type of foundation since it both drives the music forward and has mass in its density of iterations.

Harmonically I had a lot of fun with key changes and structurally with working off grid in my DAW and not giving a damn about aligning my loops etc. I had also bought my first analogue synth, a monophonic Moog with a great arpeggio, and had a great time working with that.

S3R: We’ve been sharing BTS snippets of the making of a certain music video off the EP on our socials the last week or so. What made you go the route that you did visually for that certain record, (which shall not be named yet), off the EP?

AMK: It’s very complex how ideas and inspiration come alive. Small fragments here and there collect themselves for me and all of a sudden it feels like it is this or nothing. Pink, green, black, dragon, dance, lily, time-stretch, movement, intimacy.

These are pieces that came to me for the visual bits of the work. I let one idea grow and see here it takes me and this time it lead me to a group of people, I love that. All the small pieces were digested by these people and as I said; it was always this, but none of us knew it till now that it’s done.

S3R: Is there a VOLVM 2.turbulence and when is it coming out? 😀

AMK: I don’t know. I don’t think so. Another volume will come, but I am not sure turbulence will be as present for me at that time. This is what I wish at least.

Listen to the Exclusive Premiere of AMKosman VOLVM 1.turbulence here:

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