MoMA Ready Premieres the Soft, Hard Body LP


And you thought it was gonna be a regular Tuesday.

not today Satan.

MoMA Ready aka Wyatt Stevens had different plans and premiered Soft, Hard Body LP today. 

The prolific Brooklyn Based producer/DJ dropped his 12 track album consisting of some previously released songs, alongside a bunch of records the world has yet to hear. 

Tracks like Faith & Release and Holy Water Other contain infectious midwest house chord progressions made new in only a way MoMA can. 

That, alongside the vocal samples and modulations that weave in and out of records like Ummm and Shade, show MoMA Ready’s direct connection to the founders of house and techno – a black expression rooted from the art and culture of the inner cities of America.

This obviously runs thru MoMA veins, as is evident throughout the whole Soft, Hard Body LP, but the way MoMA flips it with his very particular tint and taste, as an architect of the current sound of New York’s night clubs and dance culture, makes Soft, Hard Body LP, something truly exciting and special. Your experiencing a moment. Take it in below:

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