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Slavery didn’t go away, it only shifted in name.

The mindset, practice, culture, as well as the economic gain from its benefactors are exactly the same.
Target blacks and remove them as an equal member of society, while using their labor and imprisonment to keep you as wealthy as possible.

You have to understand, the people in local jails are not there because they are a threat to the rest of us. Nearly 75 percent of the hundreds of thousands of people in local jails are there for nonviolent offenses such as traffic, property, drug or public order offenses. But criminal bonds are big business, and to be released they have to bond themselves out, and right now their are about 15,000 bail bond agents working in the bail bond industry which takes in about $14 billion every year.

When these black and brown bodies are missing from society we have to stand up and say ‘Black Lives Matter’, you can’t throw away melanin lives cause to you they’re inconsequential, other than serving your privilege and your pockets. With one and three black men likely to be imprisoned and losing their rights as citizens in America, and the overwhelming majority of their arrest being non-violent, with 97% of them never going to trial to prove their innocence, we can’t deny the egregious generational affects that these missing staples of American communities have on all of us. Those are brilliant minds being locked up, untapped potentials being silenced. To demonize these people as super-predators, massive propaganda campaigns would have you to believe everyone about them is sub-human, villains who you should fear, as well as anyone who looks like them. This systemic propaganda to villainize blacks isn’t something new.

You see, remove someone’s humanity and you’re licensed to treated them as inhuman. Its why blacks were declared 3/5 humans under the law of slavery, so that they could openly be treated deplorably, without personal or morale consequence to the oppressor.

Controlling someone’s world view of a similar looking group of people, allows marijuana use in NYC to be equal among white and blacks, yet have blacks be locked up at 13 times higher rates, losing their humanity and full citizen rights in the process. You see, slavery isn’t dead, the plantation is still making a catastrophic amount of money for the oppressors, she was just renamed Rikers.

Check out this telling Vox interview from Sen. Cory Booker (D–NJ) about the culture of the American caste system perpetuated through through our current criminal justice system.

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