Meet Future Memphis Legend Staysie Atoms

Saying this now… Memphis has a legend on its hands with the music of Staysie Atoms and Qemmy. 

2021’s first quarter teSTify wrap up is seeing a bevy of brimming stars waiting to be discovered. Te$tify ’21 sees archived to new releases, from a bevy of unlimited creatives across multiple genres.

LOTIC’S Bulletproof – streaming now in tE$tify ’21

From S280F & Echavox’s slow boil and flame in ‘nlt”, Lotic’s still overlooked classic ‘Bulletproof’, Staysa + Saint Caboclo unrelenting hard-club-must-haves in OKLOU – SILICIUM (STASYA REMIX) and SEX TALKING (SAINT CABOCLO REWORK, to TRiPPJONES & YUNGCYBERPRINCESS ambient-bass-dream, RIHANNA FREESTYLE [PROD. HI-C], TE$TIFY is leaking with underground stars who’s music is infectious, boundary pushing and is the crucible feeding mainstream stars everywhere.

And no star is more bright than Staysie Atoms.  

Sermon 3 has been consistently adding her records to our tE$tify playlists for some time now. Undeniable… Staysie has that thing you can’t teach. That thing you sign. That thing left alone to dream with her creative partners, will create new sonic realties. 

One such partner, who’s a beast and bringing the music in the now-new-S3R-favorite, DANCE PARTY DEMO, is Qemmy

The Memphis producer operates in another musical galaxy. Using live hardware and dropping his own solo albums, Qemmy is the kind of producer you give the keys to and drive. 

A man on a mission, a perfect compliment for Staysie’s unrelenting ambition and direction, the two have a hit on their hands with DANCE PARTY DEMO.

Experience the leaked Soundcloud demo and more from Staysie Atoms, Qemmy and mutantz everywhere this Testify ’21 + 12 wEaK$. Streaming now. 

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