Macy Rodman’s BORN Video Is An Excursion Of A Lo-Fi Good Time

PVSSYHEAVEN first puts us on to Macy Rodman. Visiting her at her art studio, we were listening to new records and talking about different hypercreatives we were inspired by. HEAVEN then goes on to say, “But do you know Macy Rodman though?” That one simple question opened me up to different perspectives on music videos, how one’s consistent nonchalant banter with themselves and collaborators could be so engaging.

Macy Rodman’s “BORN” is barrage of the simplest things you can’t put your finger on but you know you like. So tongue in cheek, so subtle in its nuisance’s, its very intentional, but in the same breathe, not intentional in the slightest. Its honest, its simply Macy, owning who she is in the most honest ways.

Shot and directed by Jake Dibeler, one can’t deny the authenticity of their synergy together. From the candids of them dealing back in forth, to the pure elation and comfortability you can see in Macy’s demeanor as she works with Dibeler, its obvious these two were ‘born to’ work together.

Macy Rodman for S3R (photo by Jake Dibeler)

We had a chance to catch up with Macy Rodman and dig a little deeper behind BORN and her creative process. Peep below:

S3R: A music video like ‘BORN’ doesn’t just happen. There’s a lot of emotion there,  a sense of carefree, a depth… tell us a little about your musical background and how that paved way to your current artistic direction.

MACY RODMAN: I started playing music with my sister in the garage of our childhood home and I think that attitude of making something for my own enjoyment has carried on into my current process. When I make an album, the videos, live shows, photography, look, all have to work with the music to become one piece. I love transforming and sustaining a sense of play and experimentation.

S3R: You’re clearly yourself in front of the camera, how was it working with Jake Dibeler?

MACY RODMAN: Jake and I do everything together and have developed a visual language where we can communicate with each other through shared references to create something that maybe only we will understand. The goal when I work with Jake is usually not to create a specific product but to play with a range of feelings.

S3R:Whats next for Macy Rodman?

MACY RODMAN: I’m currently working on a score, writing new music, planning a quick tour, and filming more videos!



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