Logan White’s Films Are Gas

The film director you didn’t know you needed in yo life, Logan White‘s underground masterpieces are begging to be discovered.

We added three of her films, All The Beauty That Could Die, Mama Crying and Ghosts to our Te$tiFy ’22 Video Playlist.

In All the Beauty that Could Die, Logan White pushes the boundaries of what repeatedly makes u comfortable with other women uncensored – pushing, celebrating, dancing, being… all to the soundtrack of a beautiful noise record with hella dynamic range.

It’s Logan introspective Mama Crying, a brilliantly simple film begging the notion of why seeing a woman cry up-close is so jarring. We all cry, feel, have emotional range… Logan fearlessly tackles the subconscious of expectations with her work and you should get to know it.

With only 27 views, All the Beauty that Could Die is an undiscovered masterpiece.

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