Ize This Is Not A Drill Is Waiting To Destroy Your Dance Floor


Like a bomb This Is Not A Drill landed on the music world this Thursday. You can tell when the video starts that ize IS NOT playing — there’s more than can be spoken behind his eyes. And the moment he opens his mouth one realizes that he and AceMo, the producer of the record, are playing for KEEPS.  

ize, photo by Henry

This Is Not A Drill is the debut single and music video off ize’s upcoming album, date to be determined. Ize is infectious the moment the video starts, its like he knows something we don’t know. There’s something there that you can’t put put you’re finger on… but you can feel… but that feeling soon becomes very apparent.

Right as the video kicks off, you can feel ize itching to get some things off his chest. AceMo’s drums start to kick in, the director Henry begins to pan out and with one swift iconic line, “ize mannn bitch”, the world has got itself a 2:40 second bomb, sure to detonate wherever its dropped.

ize, This Is Not A Drill Music Video

We got in touch with ize to delve deeper behind the artist’s heart, mind, and collaborative processes with songs like T.I.N.A.D. and future records coming out. 


S3R News: Wanna tell us a little about how your background and how your experiences bleed thru your music, making songs like This Is Not A Drill?

ize: I moved to ny about 7 years ago I’m from Bridgeport, Ct when i moved out here i was in a collective “swim team” with acemo, color plus, john brooklyn, fugitive, rambow & juxman (all crazy producer/dj’s) we threw parties but that ended around 2016-17 can’t remember (hella snow days) my electronic influence mainly stemmed from my father he use to dj in front a me for hours when i was baby


S3R News: You collaborated with the homie AceMo on the record, noticed he also DJ’d for ya when playin H0L0 some time back, what’s yall collaborative relationship? More records coming out together off the album?

ize: AceMo my family we been working for years go look up our track “Ghost” from like 2015 we been crazy but we have plenty new ones for the album its gonna be psycho fr Color Plus got some crazy shit on there too (1 time h0l0 you know you know 😉

S3R News: When’s the album drop?

ize: 2040

S3R News: Yo love the multiple ize’s in the video. How did you and Henry, (the director), conceptualize the visual ideas for This Is Not A Drill?

ize: Matrix revolution told him i wanted to be the smith’s army a one

S3R News: What else should we be lookin out for in the near future?

ize: Plenty of new not sure if i can disclose but more madness i got a castle full a new music <3

This Is Not A Drill kicks this month’s TESTIFY Video playlist alongside Oli XL, BOOTYCHAAAIN and more mutants from all over the world, fuckin shit up in their own right.

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