Inmates Revolt at St. Louis City Jail

Inmates at St. Louis City Justice Center Jail are fighting back against conditions at the jail. 

This morning, prisoners helped another inmate who was in a fight with a CO, and then were able to further free themselves from their cells. 

115 inmate set fires, clogged toilets and flooded different areas of the floor, before smashing exterior windows calling for their freedom.

This has been the third revolt in little over a month from prisoners at the St. Louis CJC – who have been previously protesting COVID conditions in the jail.

Side Note: 65 inmates have been transferred to the St. Louis Medium Security Institution (dubbed the Workhouse for its forced labor when not being able to post bail).

Organizers from Close The Workhouse, alongside prisoners, have been actively protesting the jail’s horrid conditions, which include extreme heat and cold, abysmal medical care, rats and cockroach infestations, and mold. 

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