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A staple of the Miami noise scene, Human Fluid Rot brings a ruckus energy to Noise shows unlike anything we’ve seen. S3R caught up with HFR to get a little context behind his artistry, his infamous pits and his undying love to fuck things up.

S3R: One thing we immediately noticed about your noise set vs any other set we’ve seen was the pure energy, the chaos, the pit. You have a hardcore punk background, how did experimenting with Noise feed that part of you? 

Human Fluid Rot: I treat this project as a person would treat any type of band. I practice (I mean it’s mostly experimentation), I play sets as a band would and so on. “Noise” has been a better outlet for me. Better than punk and hardcore ever have been. It’s easier to express myself with noise. It’s a better description of me as a person.

S3R: What’s one of your fondest pit experiences from one of your noise shows?

HFR: As of the last three years, the pits have been the best part of this journey. The following I’ve been gifted with is a group of closet maniacs that finally get 5 minutes to beat something up. Personally, I’m glad I can provide that for people. Everyone needs an outlet. The best pit so far was INC ’17. That audience showed zero remorse. It felt necessary.

S3R: Your a big part of the noise scene in Miami, as an artist and promoter, how has the scene evolved over time?

HFR: In my opinion it’s actually stayed relatively lateral but in a good way. Miami is transient. People leave and new ones show up. The positive in that is that there’s always something new coming. The punk scene has taken a liking to noise as well which I never thought would be a thing. It’s exciting.

S3R: Who are some of the experimental artist or sound perspectives that inspire you the most right now?

HFR: Right now it’s kind of all over the board. I’ve been rocking out to Boredoms, Gore Beyond Necropsy, The Dwarves, Das Oath and Conga Fury. Ive always liked speed. I listen to everything but my taste varies.

S3R: You’re known to strip down and fight members of your audience. Dope. Tell us some of the heart behind what brings your expression to that space of interaction?

HFR: Oh man. Now I have to think of something heartfelt and meaningful to say to make me sound like some sort of valuable artist… meh the hell with that. Human Fluid Rot is my brain as an MP3. Chaos. Mania. Realistically I’m just physically reacting to the sounds I create. I come from a punk rock background in a place where summer is 11 months out of the year. It’s hot. Let’s mosh.

S3R: Being on both sides of the business, you’re constantly debunking myths about what an artist can’t do. Any encouraging words for artist wanting to take their careers in their own hands?

HFR: Don’t listen to anyone but yourself. Do everything your way and accept nothing but what you consider the best. Wanna be profitable? Then hustle. Wanna be destructive? Fucking break something… and for Christ sake, go to a show. Any show. Art, music, performance, film. Just get out there and see what people are doing. Don’t sit at home and watch the live stream. Experience that shit. I know it’s a Wednesday night and  you have to work early tomorrow but SO DOES THAT ARTIST so support that shit!

S3R: Can we come stay with you at next years INC and shoot a documentary on Miami noise? 

HFR: Yeah. No sweat. You’re always welcome.

Check out Human Fluid Rot’s latest 4 way split tape with Vasectomy Party, Fail and Novastak that dropped last week on Forever Escaping Boredom Records. You can also catch Human Fluid Rot at Beerland in Austin, TX  on July 27th. Show starts at 9pm. 


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