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Wow. its been a hell of a rollercoaster these last seven years. This month marks Sermon 3 Recordings seven year anniversary. The platform has been such a conduit for the rawest, realest, underappreciated but most deserving people on the planet. And so many more that are connecting, need to be connected in. I love yall and its been an honor to hold […]

Listen to Dreamcrusher Suite ONE and TWO

Whether you know it or not, Dreamcrusher has been one of the most boundary-breaking, influential artists in noise, experimental…. shiiid underground-which-breeds-mainstream music of our time. Having dawned from Wichita, Kansas as a dark-skinned black, non-binary queer human being, their humanity has constantly been questioned, oftentimes treated the most inhumane for who they naturally are. Relocating […]

Enter the World of Mirrored Fatality

This mutant duo of defiant musicians and farmers is changing the world on their terms.

Rest In Power DJ Deeon

Legendary Chicago ghetto house DJ and one of the original architects of the sound, DJ Deeon, has passed away. DJ Deeon put on for Chicago and was one of the original fathers of ghetto house – a sound that would take the world by storm and inspire so many others in house and electronic music […]

The Evolution of Armor

Johanna Invrea in a multi-disciplinary artist changing the way you experience sculptures, the body and movement.

An Ode to Juneteenth

Traute Lafrenz, The Last Surviving Member Of The White Rose, Dies At 103

The DIY Hitler youth resistance changed Germany during the War. The last remaining member, Traute Lafrenz, passes away at 103.

Ohio Had One Of The Worse Toxic Disasters In US History And No One Is Talkin About It

A train carrying toxic chemicals crashed and authorities burned the chemicals in the air, creating one of the worse environmental disasters in history.

Sermon 3 Presents our TestifY 2022 End of The Year Video Playlist

We compiled a playlist of some other most innovative, raw, unapologetic, need-to-hear newly released and archival videos from 2022.

Fred Hampton and Why The US Government Killed Him

Fred Hampton was the deputy chairman of the national Black Panther Party who’s leadership, unity and vision led to his assassination by the US

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