Newark natives currently residing in LA, Eaddy and theOGM, or Ho99o9, dropped the viscerally punk, electronic, hardcore hip hop and all things unrelenting full length, that is United States of Horror on May 5th, and it is everything we’ve been searching for.

USOH IS unrelenting, thats the only way I can explain it. Menacing and defiant, USOH gives no fucks and you can completely tell with tracks like War is Hell, Street Power, Splash and Face Tat. There’s a grittiness and overdriven quality about the whole EP, from the recording of the vocals, production and lyrics, to the mix of the album, its a gumbo of chaos and. we. love. it.  Bitch Ride the Wave 

On to all that is War is Hell.  The second visual off United States of Horror, War is Hell, is a stirring and unapologetic music video that comes straight for America, and the racist foundation from which this country still holds its posture.

To me, images like ‘3 Miles of Niggers’ alludes to the fact that their are more blacks locked up right now in the prison system than all of slavery combined. The systematic federal slavery of mass incarceration has always been America’s answer to the collapse of whites losing their black slaves as a result of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Ho99o9 knows this and is coming straight at the issue, and the propaganda involved in perpetuating mass incarceration by demonizing black men and women in media and pop culture.

The fact remains that fear is the greatest gateway in allowing crimes against humanity to openly exist. By feeding fear toward blacks and a lack of humanity towards people of color in general, its easier to violate them, lock them up and throw away the key. We added War is Hell in this month’s TESTIFY Video Playlist.

Watch below.



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