Hara Kiri takes over Testify Feb 19 and unleashes archive video with Eartheater


Yea you read that right. Not only did experimental producer/engineer/artist Hara Kiri curate this month’s Testify mix with a bevy of hyper-creative dark laden tracks you need to know, but she also did us a solid in reaching into her archives and releasing Eartheater’s video she starred in, directed by Eartheater, “Time Looks Like a Dead Angel,” that had been sitting in her YouTube vault since Summer ’17.  JUiCYYYY.

A beautiful dark, ambient ride with brooding dynamics and moving soundscapes colliding through space, TLLADA, is a journey built in introspection and patience, while visually providing a hot bed of intrigue for the viewer to decipher. In other words that shit INTERESTING. 


And da buck don’t stop with Eartheater’s unreleased archive video, that was jus beginning. Gangggg. This mixtape Hara curated for Testify Feb is fiery and cunning, ever morphing and filled with mid tempo killers. 

From Amnesia Scanner’s industrial-ridden AS A.W.O.L, to the percussive chaos of Lotic ‘Power’, to the beauty and backbeat of Ic3Peak’s Смерти Больше Нет, Testify Feb is a dark twisted sonic fairytale begging for your seat to ride. 

Kiri says, “Testify is intended to be a sort of dark sci-fi/fantasy narrative. Was thinking about the movie Ultraviolet and wanted it to be like a soundtrack to it~ action sequences, shadow ops, suspense and vulnerable moments.”

Well thank you for the narrative. We’re all in. Listen and joyride the sonic streets of Hara Kiri’s mind below. 

You can keep up to date with all things Hara Kiri via her Instagram.

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