Fred Hampton and Why The US Government Killed Him

Fred Hampton was the deputy chairman of the national Black Panther Party, a brilliant brotha who’s political strategy helped revolutionize revolution in the United States. He was killed by the United States for this very reason. Too much unity, too much potential, too many working class people empowered, so today, on Dec. 4th 1969, the government sent in the FBI to murder him while he laid in bed with his pregnant fiancé, Akua Njeri. 

“These people are not supposed to get along, but here they are operating as brothas + sistas of the struggle, as revolutionaries against a capitalist structure… and THAT was the threat.” – Jakobi Williams, (Associate Professor of History at Indiana University), on Hampton founding The Rainbow Coalition thru the Black Panther party.

Watch ‘Why the US government murdered Fred Hampton’ put out by Vox below.

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