Freaknik Is Back

The South’s most infamous, no holds bar, college-aged city-wide takeova is back. But this time it’s Miami getting freaked.

Freaknik was widely known as the wildest spring break street party throughout the 90’s. The party that was everywhere. In the jeep, the parking lots, in the club, the streets… Freaknik was a coming together of HBCU kids across the country, met with the hood in ATL and around the country – to form the rawest, most untamed and anticipated week of parties the nation had every seen.

Freaknik was a annual bomb that landed in the South, supported by the soundtrack of Miami Bass music, and unofficially mc’d by the freaky mind of Unkle Luke. What started out as an innocent picnic in 1982 turned into a wild, celebratory, freaky storm ran by Black youth for decades to come.

And now… Freaknik is back. Brought to you by Greeks WorldWide and the BRUHZ own Russell Gustave, this revival of Freaknik’s spirit has been going down since last week. The Freaknik resurrection is taking place in Miami, with plenty of social media documentation to let the world know… the spirit of HCBU celebrating like only Black youth really can, is alive and well.

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