FRANK/IE CONSENT Drops Play Structure Music Video

Frankie Consent just released the official video for Play Structure off their 2020 full-length album, Playgrounds Forever. And its everything you NEED your life.

Raw, rentlentless and earth shattering in every audio-visual aspect you could imagine, Play Structure the song and music video is free of anything you wanna try and throw on them.

Rumbling drums ensue as FRANK/IE cries out, “I Wanna Feel Something, I wanna go outside!” A visceral and honest reaction to the restrictions of quarantine and lack of humanity, touch and community we universally felt this summer under COVID-19.

Frankie Consent, who’s an elemental part of Brooklyn’s underground, recently relocated to Atlanta, where the music video takes place between them and their ATL mutant family.

FRANK/IE unveiled the inner-workings of Play Structure and their ATL community fam below.



Sermon 3 Recordings: You’re possied up HARD in the video. Who’s the homies?

FRANK/IE CONSENT: OMG the homies…. One of them is named Oto, who I’ve been working with on the choreography. They’re this post modern contemporary choreographer in ATL. We were like let’s make a dance based on whacking and stuff like that, and for this vid we wanted to do something on krumping… using the energy to go back n forth while being extremely grounded. Especially cause we did one of the shots right in front precinct, we were like we gotta make this OUR SPACE.

Police tried to say it was private property and took photos of us. We didn’t understand. Like why can’t we dance?

Sakima and I met thru Oto — they were like we should def work this other dancer, [Sakima]. We would meet at the park and just dance and I knew I wanted to be Usher. This is my Usher moment. We had all these ideas but once we got together it was just god.

S3R: Who did the claymation, that is so fire.

FRANKI/E: I made all the sculptures and shoebox worlds. Daniella Rodriguez animated it, turning the sculptures and shoebox worlds into life.

S3R: How’d y’all meet?

FRANKI/E: I met them thru Kyle Sherill who’s in the band Red Sea. They played at the last show at The Glove.

S3R: Relocating from Brooklyn, how’d you meet the homies in the ATL underground?

FRANKI/E: Met Kyle on tour and we stayed with them and it was UGH so crazy and I was like I love this person so much. It was special and I just wanted to be tapped into this immediately. When I moved, I linked up with Kyle and thru them met Corey Zuko. And Corey was booking hella DIY shows in ATL and all his friends became my friends and I was just plopped into it.

S3R: Whats the underground like in ATL?

FRANK/IE: Well, I only got to experiencve a little bit of it pre-covid and I mostly only saw bands and cis people running every scene which made me super uncomfortable, out of place, and annoyed with the cis-het value of electric guitar lol… my roommates and I have had CONVOS about it. There is a small queer freaky diy scene here that I got to experience pre-covid but people did NOT turn up for them even though they were sooo hard like so saucy I wis I had gotten to experience more of its magic and contributed to it more. It made me really homesick for my brooklyn family when I moved here- but there are also so many scenes I never got the chance to tap into, like the trap scene, house, hip hop. The dance scene is so different too! In BK, I’m used to raves and people dancing while expressing themselves externally too.

S3R: Yea showing up in a look.

Yea literally. But when I got here I didn’t see as many queer people running the scenes or being the DJs who were booked all the time and I think that influences the whole vibe. Like, getting fitted isn’t for clout and isn’t shallow, at least in the BK scene it’s a part of a whole queer history and feels so celebratory and natural. Like where is the ATL queer FREAKY diy scene? I didn’t get a real change to figure out the dynamics here.

Watch FRANK/IE CONSENT Play Structure Official Video Below

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