Five Ways You Can Help The Homeless During This Heatwave

Its hot outside. Really hot. A lot of us reading this article about the extreme heat outside have some form of inside escape tho. Whether it be a fan, AC or those lucky enough to have the coveted central air, we have somewhere to go to attempt some form of relief.

But for the 100 million people who are homeless, escape isn’t so much of a cut and dry thing. Many homeless die every summer due to extreme heat. Here’s what you can do the help.

1. Bottled water and food for hydration.

2. Sun cream to reduce the risk of skin damage.

3. Hats and sunglasses to prevent sunstroke and eye damage.

4. Hand-held fans to lower body temperature and prevent heatstroke.

5. Baby wipes for sanitation and avoiding athlete’s foot.

Check out the full article via Bazaar.

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