Sinjin Hawke dropped First Opus today, a stunning audio and visual experience that lets users interact with different climatic environments via his homepage, while listening to the sonic quells of the album unfold.

Sinjin Hawke – First Opus, Monolith, S3R

First Opus is a 14 track immersive adventure. Beginning in a hi-fi canyon, the user has access to inter-dimensional elements and a 360 point of view while the overture, Monolith, sets the tone for the rest of the album’s soundscape.

Sinjin Hawke – First Opus, Dawn of Infinity, S3R

Act 1, Dawn of Infinity, soon follows. DOI opens to what could be the beginning of a Dirty Projectors  & Bjork record, vocals swooning alternatively and unapolegtically. But don’t get it twisted, this isn’t DP or Bjork, this is Sinjin Hawke and so.. the beat drops. Fierce horns bombastically grace the measure’s turn-around, right before the half time drums rock in. Its awesome. All-the-while the user is transported to a overtly lush and surreal mountainside, free again to explore their newly surreal environment with a click of the mouse.

Sinjin Hawke – First Opus, Cataclysm, S3R

There are four thematic acts and one interlude that make up First Opus, with the outro being a tribute to Hawke’s late good friend and mentor DJ Rashad. The future-ghettotech track triumphantly comes in, then subsequently breaks into something special for dance floors, as one can experience Hawke’s natural inclination with sound design mixed with his Chicago footwork and juke influences via Rashad.

First Opus is available for your consumption now.

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