Houston born, NYC-raised rapper, VICEVÉRSA, has been rapping for a while. But Friday marked his official video debut, with the 808-laiden, abstract and bragadious single, ‘O F F – W H I T E’.

VICEVÉRSA, 18, has been writing since he was six, diligently honing his craft not only as a rapper, but also as an engineer and producer, having recorded, mixed and produced for a slew of underground rappers from uptown including Keith Waves, Klassik and Yoda Wayne. Having dropped a series of projects on Soundcloud over the last 3 years including MONADIKÓS EP and most recently YOÚTH, VICEVÉRSA has been building a steady organic-following online, which has turned into visible and engaged fans ready to turn out at his shows.

O F F – W H I T E, shot, edited and directed by Eli Taylor, a 16 year-old prodigy behind the lens, is a rugged display of cool-color saturation, a dank underground location, and an on-camera presence from VICEVÉRSA and his leading lady, Emily Candelario, that you just can’t teach, regardless of how old you are.

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S3R copped a short interview with VICEVÉRSA, to learn more about his inspiration as an artist and the context behind his current expression in O F F – W H I T E.

S3R: What is the song O F F – W H I T E about for you?

VICEVÉRSA: When I recorded O F F – W H I T E back in early April of 2017, I didn’t have any intentions on releasing it. The song started off as a freestyle and I played a rough sample for my homie LEED. As soon as he heard “oouu” he said “this shit is about to be crazy”. He eventually convinced me to finish the song, and then had to convince me again to release it, lol. Finally I dropped the single three months later. The song ‘OFF-WHITE’ to me has no meaning, just a freestyle talking about my high school senior year Spring Break. From buying my first off-white belt, to fucking a girl from Cali I just met a hour before, to buying a whole pound, just putting my whole spring break in a song is what I think makes the song so uncut and dope.

S3R: Why go this direction with the video?

VICEVÉRSA: After releasing the song I knew I wanted to do a video, I just didn’t now where. I always had a theme of it being dark in a place with little light. I pictured the video in a vacant place with just me and my girl. I don’t know why, but I just thought that would be dope. I called my boy Eli and he showed me a few places around New York, but the one I thought was the waviest was this place called ‘Hell’s Gates’ which is a little north of NYC

S3R: What’s currently inspiring you as a creative?

VICEVÉRSA: What’s currently inspiring me? well… LIFE. I try not to live like your average 18 year old. I’m constantly influenced by all kinds of things even outside of music that make me who I  am. Skateboarding, fashion, girls and just living in NYC inspires me. But musically I would say I’m currently inspired by Kanye, Travis Scott, Sevdaliza , PartyNextDoor, Crystal Castles, 6Dogs, XXX , Spooky Black and LiL SLUMP.

Watch VICEVÉRSA’s official video debut in O F F – W H I T E below:



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