Exclusive Premiere of PVSSYHEAVEN – DIE 4 U Official Video


No, see you don’t understand. S3R News Loves PVSSYHEAVEN. LOVES PVSSYHEAVEN.

She’s one of the most effortlessly creative, dynamic, forward thinking, fringe artist we know, period. She deserves respect, love, adoration and your youtube views. omg lemme stop.

Seriously tho, Rose Mori aka PVSSYHEAVEN is an experimental artist residing in Brooklyn, NY who’s art taste is formative to the fabric of NYC.

Whether it be thru her boutique clothes distributed at local flea markets, her dynamic live performances (which can register over 11 outfit changes at a single time), or her infectious records that leak all the intangibles no art or production school can teach you, PVSSYHEAVEN’s creations are at the center of influencing the influencers all around you.


Her latest creation deemed to live online, is the music video for her record DIE 4 U.

Shot in collaboration with wildly creative director/filmmaker, Lindsey Eskind,  you’re watching an authentically and personal work of art, created with what both figures physically had around them at this point in their lives. There’s no forcing in this video, just unapologetic expression, creativity and honesty. Thank You PVSSYHEAVEN. Thank you Lindsey. Thank you.

S3R News is  honored to present the exclusive premiere of PVSSYHEAVEN – DIE 4 U.

Watch Below.

To learn more about PVSSYHEAVEN and to get further lost in her creative space, visit PVSSYHEAVEN’s



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