Enter the World of Mirrored Fatality

The first thing I noticed when I experienced Mirrored Fatality live was their intention, boundless creativity and the chosen sovereignty with which they created their own world. A world the rest of us became wholly immersed in.

The mutant duo is defiant in their art and lifestyle of liberation. They’re experimental musicians, visual artists and engineers, traveling from coast to coast with their message of love and DIY sovereignty, as well as farmers who know the importance of growing our own food and working to own as much of our own land as possible.

Here’s a quote from them concerning, “As we attempt to liberate food, we learn that supermarkets are developing facial recognition and license plate software to track your location and identity. When you verify for unemployment, the UI app requires a face scan. At airports, they use biometric data to scan your face instead of a passport. When testing for COVID-19, BioThermal imaging scans your face to read your temperature and heart rate. Instagram starts showing advertisements about a product discussed in our verbal conversations.

During protests, drones and cameras scan freedom fighters to redtag, arrest, and murder us off. BIOME(TRICS) highlights the survival and resistance of QTBIPOC artists, freedom fighters, organizers, cultural workers, and teachers who combine the digital, spiritual, emotional, and physical to build new worlds, untouched by the surveillance state.”

This fight is actualized thru their art in records like BIOME(TRICS)– a fierce noise onslaught with dynamic vocals so human, so fragile, so defiant.

Unlock the world of Mirrored Fatality here:

And listen to their latest project release in ECOCIDE 3URTH EP below

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