Sudden Infant Ende Tymes (2012) (Archive Footage)

Its my favorite time of year, my favorite tyme of yearrrr..:) its Ende Tymes! Ende Tymes Fest is the brainchild of Bob Bellerue, a veteran experimental noise musician, composer, technician and organizer, that has a heart for community and the hyper creative, unapologetic artists and unhinged creations in general. Its Bob’s ninth run of Ende Tymes, a festival that’s brought together noise and experimental artist from around the world to celebrate each other’s expressions for close to a decade in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

And true to artist growth, experimentation and continual development, this year Ende Tymes has booked an all new artist lineup of noise & experimental musicians, all who have never played Ends Tymes before. This gon be goooood. 🙂

It’s an exciting opportunity to lay witness to so many expressions you’re never seen, heard or have reference for. It’s only right to line up this blaze of glory on this year, as this is Ende Tymes’ final run at their residential home, The Silent Barn, due to the venue’s closing on May 30th.

And so Ende Tymes is exiting out with a fresh bang. An explosion of genre pushing, hyper creative, experimental musicians who undoubtably will tear the doors off Silent Barn this weekend… pun intended. The three-day Festival schedule is below, along with some artist profiles you should check out:

Ende Tymes 9
Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation

6-8 April 2018

Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave

Friday April 6
7:30 PM pre-show junk metal drum corps :: homage to z’ev
8:00 PM Calambre
8:50 PM Eames & Cory
9:20 PM Hoor-paar-Kraat
9:45 PM Guillermo Pizarro (PA)
10:10 PM LoVid + Produce Consume Robot (NY)
10:35 PM Eva Aguila (CA)
11:00 PM Lars Ă…kerlund (SE)
11:35 PM Fritz Welch (UK)
12:00 AM Buffalo MRI (QC)
12:40 AM Wormwatcher
1:10 AM SOOT (CA)
1:50 AM Slow Owls (WI)
2:15 AM Negation
2:40 AM Latrines
3:00 AM ENDE

Saturday April 7
8:00 PM Dead Buddha
8:25 PM Sunken Cheek (NY)
8:50 PM CBN (NE)
9:15 PM Charmaine Lee
9:40 PM The Kingston Family Singers (MO)
10:15 PM Kimberly (TX)
10:40 PM Rubber (() Cement (CA)
11:10 PM Termagant (TX)
11:35 PM FILTH (TX)
12:00 AM Joachim Montessuis (FR)
12:30 AM Rectrix (RI)
1:05 AM Fecalove (IT)
1:35 AM Sleeping with the Earth (OR)
2:10 AM Tainted Pussy (CA)
2:40 AM War Hippy (CA)
3:00 AM ENDE

Sunday April 8
7:00 PM Self Avoiding Walk
7:30 PM New York Review of Cocksucking
7:50 PM Compile
8:15 PM Leila Bordreuil + Tamio Shiraishi
8:50 PM Gabie Strong (CA)
9:20 PM JK Williams (WA)
9:45 PM Half Wire (NM)
10:15 PM Race to the Bottom (CA)
10:50 PM Envenomist (OH)
11:20 PM Reagan Holiday
11:50 PM ENDE

Joachim Montessuis develops an experimental contextual practice mainly around voice, drone, noise and resonance since the early 90’s. His vocal and guitar performative work explores various states of trance through the extreme potentialities of amplification and electronic transformations of screams, throat singing, and words. He has shown his work in many festivals around the globe and he has collaborated with more than 100 artists, including Charlemagne Palestine, Henri Chopin, Maja Ratkje, Master musicians of Joujouka, Phill Niblock…). He lives in Paris, teaches sound and intermedia art at school of art in Strasbourg, and has operated the Erratum record label since 1993.

Fecalove started around 2002 in Carrara, Italy. Total 90s Japanese/American harsh noise and early European power electronics worship. Co-founder of Turgid Animal Records with George Proctor/Mutant Ape in 2005. He released about 200 tapes, cdrs, cds, 7″s, 12″s etc on a million labels and played gigs in Italy, Germany, U.K., Norway, Denmark, France, China, Japan. Also active with Taeter, Splinter vs Stalin, Terminal Erection and many more projects. More info:

RECTRIX is the solo sound performance project of interdisciplinary artist Pippi Zornoza. Zornoza works with themes of horror and violence using samples, triggers, voice, constructed instruments and built environments that transform a grieving body into weaponized sound. She is a co-founder of the Dirt Palace feminist art collective in Providence Rhode Island. Formed in 2000, the Dirt Palace has since embodied the oxymoron of “Underground Institution”. Zornoza has performed in the musical projects VVLTVRE, Bonedust, Worms in Women and Cattle, Master of Pussy, Sawzall, and Wold. Photo credit left: Omari Spears, Photo credit right: Sean B. Campbell. More info:


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